Expert Installation

Installing a security gate or access panel isn’t something that someone inexperienced should be doing. Poor and improper installation will lead to frequent breakdowns and compromises your overall security.

Every gate and access panel we install is only done after we’ve done our research into the equipment and on the needs and limitations of your property. It’s our mission to ensure that your perimeter security is always working as it’s supposed to and that it will continue to do so long after we’ve come and gone.

Oftentimes we are called to a site to fix a security feature installed by someone else. What we typically find are negligent vulnerabilities stemming from the initial installation, and when we determine the issues it’s important to us to inform clients about our findings so that they can learn to avoid similar problems in the future.

Why CHoose Us


We’ve been leading the security industry in our region for decades, and we didn’t build so many long-lasting partnerships on a foundation of mistrust. We’re honest with our clients because we’re in the security business, and security requires dedication to honesty.


It is critical that security installation professionals are masters of their domain. We need to know what works and what doesn’t and we need to pass our knowledge on to you. When you go with us you’re putting your faith in highly-trained security specialists with decades of high-quality experience.


No two security installations are the same. Every gate or access panel option comes with its own pros and cons, as does the location of the security feature. Our expert technicians are aware of the shortcomings and strengths of every installation, and if they’re not sure of something they know that another member of our team can be on-site in no time to offer their expert opinion.


In addition to the vast knowledge base of our stellar staff of experts, they’re also very efficient; measuring five times to cut just once. When you go with us you’ll get prompt service and an availability schedule table that fits your needs. Once you’ve decided on your desired security features we then aim to have it up and running as soon as you need.

Unparalleled Repair Services

We’ve done our research into the regional security needs of homeowners and business owners, and what we’ve found is that a lot of clients out there are unsatisfied with the quality and dependability of their security installations. 

Our expert technicians undergo regular training that exposes them to the latest trends and information about a variety of security devices and methods. What that translates to for you is a security service company that excels in repairing devices and making common-sense decisions regarding the safety and security of the hardware that you already have.